20% OFF A Dynamic Pilates TV SUBSCRIPTION

Black Friday/cyber monday Offer

To celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday we have reduced the cost of signing up for a NEW annual subscription by 20%.

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From 12.00am Nov 29th to Dec 2nd 11.59pm – 2019
14 day Money Back Guarantee – For Peace Of Mind



Gain FULL access to ALL our Pilates videos, from full length classes to short express flows.

Each week you will receive access to TWO new classes in your inbox to expand your catalogue of classes!

What is Dynamic Reformer Pilates (DRP)?

Dynamic Reformer Pilates is a blend of classical reformer exercises and more athletic moves to create a high energy, creative, results driven class.

A DRP class will typically move at quite a fast pace, meaning the transition between exercises is quick, but without compromising on the fundamental basics of Pilates.

What To Expect

We like to think outside of the Pilates box and get creative! We are forever experimenting with new moves and ideas, which we hope in turn will inspire you to also get more creative with your workouts and classes.

As a member you will have access to weekly updated full classes ranging from 30 mins to one hour, as well as shorter ‘flows’ if you have less time on your hands or prefer to put together your own workout with a series of our flows. 

Whether you’re a Pilates trainer or a student, if you’re tired of your same old Pilates routines and want to freshen things up, then you’ve come to the right place!