Hope Parker

hope Parker

 Hope is a professional dancer, dance instructor, personal trainer, and Pilates instructor. At a young age, she found a passion for understanding body mechanics and effectively applying her knowledge to dance training and general exercise. While training in New York with the Joffrey Ballet School, Hope discovered Pilates. The discovery was life changing and she instantly fell in love. Aches and pains from an intense daily dance schedule began to disappear, while mental and physical strength began to increase. Hope continued to study Pilates as she danced professionally in New York, and later in Utah where she became a certified Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

Hope enjoys training clients of all ages and levels, and especially loves seeing her clients find more body awareness and understanding of their muscles. Hope has differentiated herself in the dance and fitness community by providing and teaching a greater understanding of technique, alignment, and proper execution of exercise; something that is imperative for preventing injuries, rehabbing the body, and overall success in training and body transformation. 

When she isn’t performing or teaching, Hope finds enjoyment in constantly educating herself and polishing her craft. She believes in perseverance and consistency, and creates a motivating environment for all.