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28 Jul

A new perspective

As a physical therapist and pilates instructor who works with women during and after their pregnancy I had created my own idea of what I thought my journey would look like. Well… I learned quickly that things change and patience is the best thing we can give our bodies, babies, and overall well being.  My […]

Pilates Studio After Covid Lockdown 15 Jun

Silver Linings

I know we are all more then ready to get back to life as we once knew it. COVID’s restrictions have hit us all pretty hard.  Many of us suffered financially and or emotionally. As a business owner I not only worried for myself and my family but also for the teachers in my studio. […]

drinking wine in covid 19 6 Apr

Quarantini anyone?

As well as loo rolls disappearing of the shelves, there’s been another empty isle in the supermarkets too….booze! Hardly surprising really, I mean we all need some joy out of life over the next few months, don’t we? And a little tipple is bound to take the edge off a long day of attempting to […]