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We Explore The Best Mat Accessories For an Effective Workout 25 Oct

The Best Mat Accessories For an Effective Workout

We Explore The Best Mat Accessories For an Effective Workout At-home mat workouts are a hot topic right now and if you haven’t added them to your lockdown routine yet, Dynamic Pilates TV’s selection of best mat accessories will make you want to get on board.  By incorporating the floor mat into your exercise routine […]

No Pilates Reformer? No Problem! 16 Oct

No Reformer? No Problem!

No Pilates Reformer? No Problem! Incorporate these reformer inspired workouts into your training to strengthen and tone your body whilst at home, we cover Korin’s key exercises from her latest “No Reformer, No Problem” class. This fun, 40 minute mat class is a lockdown-proof workout using sliders, lightweights and resistance bands to specifically target the […]

pilates and mental health 9 Oct

World Mental Health Day

This World Mental Health Day 2020 has been said to be the most important one yet. Covid-19 may be a physical illness, but it has also hit mental health hard. We know that the levels of anxiety, isolation and the uncertainty experienced have become widespread. We believe that prioritising mental health has never been more […]