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1 Jan

3 Simple Steps to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Today’s world seems to be in a continual state of flux, but some things stay the same. One frustrating example is the making, and subsequent breaking, of New Year’s resolutions!   “Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.” […]

Four self-care Practices for Pilates instructors 29 Oct

Four self-care Practices for Pilates instructors

Self-care Practices for Pilates instructors Caring for yourself is the best way to care for your clients. As professionals in health, fitness and mindful movement, our clients’ happiness and well-being are our utmost priority. However, because we place so much focus on others, we can neglect our own well being. Self-care for instructors is important […]

We Explore The Best Mat Accessories For an Effective Workout 25 Oct

The Best Mat Accessories For an Effective Workout

We Explore The Best Mat Accessories For an Effective Workout At-home mat workouts are a hot topic right now and if you haven’t added them to your lockdown routine yet, Dynamic Pilates TV’s selection of best mat accessories will make you want to get on board.  By incorporating the floor mat into your exercise routine […]