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7 Ways to Kick that Holiday Hangover

The holidays are all about socializing with colleagues, friends, and family. Despite our best intentions, sometimes it can be a constant hangover. With the festivities, it can be easy to over-indulge in our favorite alcoholic beverages, which leaves you with that dreaded hangover feeling the next day. There is one way to hangover-proof your holidays, and that is to stay away from any alcohol. Whether you choose to drink or not, that is ok! We are here to provide you with 7 tips to kick that holiday hangover; so it won’t drag down your holiday.

Don’t go out to a party on an empty stomach!

Before you go out, fill up some healthy food that has a good balance of proteins and fats. Filling up will help with the absorption of alcohol, giving your liver time to metabolize it better. Also, paying attention and supporting your gut health is another tip to ease hangover symptoms. Take a pre and probiotic, and eat fermented foods. Eating the right foods before and after drinking and socializing can put you in a good mood. Check out our blog post on Food and Mood for some tips!


Just like we tell you to stay hydrated before and during your Dynamic Pilates session. Hydration before and during cocktail hour is just as important. Alcohol is a diuretic, which increases your production of urine, (that’s why there is always a line for the ladies’ room!) and makes you feel dehydrated the next day. Boost your water intake before a night out. Between drinking, and cocktails opt for something hydrating like mineral water or a juice-based mocktail. Doing this will boost your vitamin and mineral intake, and you will feel much better for it in the morning.

Choose alcohol with lower congeners.

These are naturally occurring in darker, aged liquors. Choosing lighter-colored liquors like gin, vodka, or wine may not stop the hangover, but could minimize some of the symptoms.

Keep up your workout routine.

Don’t skip the Dynamic Pilates TV class because you feel a bit hungover the next day. Maybe choose a shorter workout from our Razzle Dazzle Series. You can find short-stacking classes, which can be taken as a stand-alone if you don’t feel up for a full class. A short gentle exercise session can increase endorphins and help with the symptoms of a hangover.

Boost your vitamin intake

Especially your magnesium and vitamin C, and support your liver with milk thistle. Magnesium and vitamin C both support the liver to break down alcohol. Where milk thistle also supports and repairs damaged cells in the liver. These supplements help ease those hangover symptoms and help keep your liver in tip-top shape. Supplements can help your performance in your Pilates or fitness class. Check out our  Top 5 Natural Supplements for Better Pilates Performance! Always check with your healthcare provider if you plan on changing your supplement intake regimen.

Use anti-inflammatory ingredients in your cocktails.

There are so many “healthy” cocktail recipes out there. Try one that includes turmeric, which aids in reducing inflammation and can also spice up your holiday! Here are some favorite Turmeric Cocktail Recipes.

Skip the cocktails.

Either all together or give yourself a break during a couple of parties. Don’t feel like you need to drink every time you go out. Taking a break and enjoying a mocktail doesn’t have to ruin the fun. Gone are the days when the choices are just sodas. There are so many great non-alcoholic drinks out there. Not only do they taste great, but look exactly like the cocktails everyone else is drinking. Here are some Festive Mocktails for inspiration!

Whatever you choose to do on your nights out, remember it is ok to enjoy the holidays with a few cocktails. Be mindful of your intake, plan your nights out, and stick to your gut. Of course remember, if you enjoy alcoholic beverages, please don’t drink and drive. That is a holiday hangover you never want to endure. When you have had enough, stop because sometimes the only way to kick that holiday hangover is to know your limit.

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