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Can Pilates help you to lose weight?

Can Pilates help me lose weight? In short, yes. But that would make a very dull blog post if I ended there! I would say that 90% of people do Pilates to achieve the desired ‘Pilates body’ But, of course we all know that Pilates does soooo much more good than that!

However, as we’re talking about weight loss here, let me tell you how Pilates can help shed those unwanted pounds. Some might say that you can’t lose weight with Pilates and this is where we disagree wholeheartedly! If you’ve done any of our classes, you’ll know that we (and you) are usually dripping with sweat within probably the first ten minutes! And anything that results in a lot of sweat, also results in some form of weight loss if done on a regular basis. So, it depends what kind of Pilates you’re doing, as obviously if you’re doing a slow beginner’s class for example, then obviously, then you will be moving at a much slower pace to grasp the fundamentals first.

The great thing about dynamic Pilates is the flow of the class, the endurance of the exercises and then level to which you can push yourself, all of which results in a challenging workout that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

That being said, I’m a realist and I always adhere to the saying ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet’. So, no matter how much you train and sweat your butt off, if you go home and eat a bag of doughnuts on a regular basis, then clearly weight loss is not going to come that easily.

The Question “Can Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?” is Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

If you’re desperate to lose weight, my top tip would be to stop being desperate. Focus on good quality fitness, it has to be something you enjoy and want to make part of your life. And eat for your health, not for the size of your waistline. It may be a slower process, but in the end the results will be more durable.

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