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Dynamic Pilates TV Reformer Pump

Get ready to bring the gym into your Dynamic Pilates TV class! Tiffany brings you a new Pilates Pump Workout designed to get you moving.

This class utilizes 10 pound dumbbell weights, a small Pilates ball, and the Reformer and is appropriate for all fitness levels. Heavy resistance training is essential to maintain strong healthy bones which is why Tiffany has created this Reformer Pump class.

Dynamic Pilates TV provides a wide range of Pilates pump workouts suitable for a range of different fitness levels. Additionally, you can get recommendations from our expert instructors for how to accomodate different ability levels and injuries so that everyone can get involved in this high intensity fitness workout.

So get stuck in, set your reformer to the correct resistance level for you, and start pumping! Get ready to sweat and complete a full workout designed for full body fitness development.

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  • Full length classes
  • Athletic Reformer


  • Dumbells
  • Small Pilates Ball

Tiffany Crosswhite Burke

You can also find more amazing workouts from Tiffany on her instructor page.

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Tiffany's Reformer Pilates Pump Workout

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