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Embrace your Summer Shape with DPTV’s Holistic Health Tips

Pilates Blog Thumbnail: Embrace your Summer Shape with DPTV's Holistic Health Tips

Summer is the time of year when many of us strive to look and feel our best! Finding your summer shape has never been easier with our top tips for embracing healthy lifestyle habits. Balanced diets and hydration alongside Pilates, benefit your holistic health and help you feel great.

Healthy Diets

There is no one size fits all diet, what makes you feel the best in your body is different for each of us. You should always do research on your diet before making drastic changes, but there are some key parts of a healthy diet that often go overlooked.

To feel good in your summer shape journey, self-care is as important as a consistent Pilates workout. While some ‘fitness gurus’ promote crash diets, Pilates has the best effects when combined with a well-balanced diet and plenty of hydration.

Lean Protein Foods

Perceptions of protein in the world of food science are changing. Traditionally, high protein diets are common among male bodybuilders for increasing muscle mass, but protein is more and more talked about by women approaching and going through menopause, becoming a staple of the Pilates diet.

Everybody can benefit from adding healthy protein to their diets. Past the age of 30, the risks of declining muscle mass grow . Pilates workouts with weights especially and weight-bearing exercises improve the building of muscles but it’s important to include healthy proteins in your diet to enable the growth of muscles mass.

Experts recommend a minimum lean protein intake of over 100g a day for most women. This may seem like a lot, but as only 30g of protein can be absorbed in one sitting, think about breaking this up and aiming for  around 30g four times a day. Some of our favorite ways to get this protein with low saturated fat content are through lean protein sources like tofu, pulses, lean meats like chicken and Turkey and fish.

Being aware of your holistic health is important when considering changes in diet and exercise. Forcing protein into your diet with foods like red and processed meat may improve your protein intake, but have negative impacts on other areas of your health, including raising your cholesterol.

Electrolytes & Hydration

With this year’s very hot summer, paying attention to your hydration levels is more important than ever. We all know about the recommendations of 8 glasses of water a day, but what else can we do to replenish and rehydrate after a workout or during our day-to-day activities?

According to Harvard Health, Salt is important for the proper functioning of our muscles and nerves, and for balancing mineral intake. So when we sweat, replacing salt and other important minerals like calcium and potassium, is vital.

This important family of minerals are known as Electrolytes, and they are not replaced by drinking water alone. The best way to recover post-workout or in hot weather is with sugar-free Electrolyte drinks or powders. Products like Davinia Taylor’s ElectroTide Sachets from her WillPowders product line are ideal for bringing your mineral levels back to normal without the extra sugar that can have a lot of impacts on your health and energy.

Summer Fitness

The main purpose of DPTV is to promote health and get you feeling your best. Therefore our workouts are designed to help you develop strengthand flexibility for the optimal, strong and functional, healthy body. .

With the kids on Summer break, it can be hard to get away from the hustle and bustle to take time for yourself and your fitness. Setting aside a moment for even a quick workout is great to destress and get those endorphins flowing while benefiting your physical health and fitness development.

The need for flexibility in your workout scheduling is why so many are choosing Pilates on demand! DPTV’s Summer Shape Up Series includes a range of shorter workouts for both reformer Pilates and mat work classes. Simply search by video length on the app or the DPTV site and make the most of your spare time this Summer.

If you are traveling this Summer, don’t worry, our Pilates app is available across a range of mobile devices so you can take your favorite workouts anywhere! Even without access to a reformer you can enjoy a range of May based workouts in your hotel or out on the beach. Why not bring some of your favorite Pilates props like resistance bands or a soft Pilates ball that are easy to pack and carry in your suitcase to enhance your holiday workout?

Don’t Forget to Find Some Time to Stretch and Breath

Confidence in your summer shape is also about celebrating the inner strength Pilates can help you develop. Gain a Pilates Glow by prioritizing your mind as well as your body with relaxing restorative Pilates.

If you are looking to improve your overall well-being to enjoy the summer and cope with stress, DPTV offers you many options. Our Stretch and Restoration collection focuses on flexibility and smooth movements for a relaxed workout in between tasks or an extended Sunday Pilates session after a busy week. This sort of exercise as a regular addition to your usual workouts helps to relieve stress and provide a valuable boost of endorphins, helping you feel more satisfied and improving your mental clarity as you move forward with the rest of the day!

Controlling your breathing is a great method to relax as part of your workout plan. We use lateral breathing in Pilates to maintain focus, core connection and relive stress in the body and mind. Properly focusing on how your breathing changes as you move with each inhalation and exhalation helps center your mind as well as improve the control and form of your movements.

Embrace your Summer Shape with Dynamic Pilates TV

Fitness and health is a unique journey for all of us. Knowing which methods of diet and exercise are right for your body and situation can help you embrace your body this Summer.

Practicing with and learning with us in a 14-Day Free Trial with Dynamic Pilates TV can help guide you to find control, confidence, and freedom in your own body and become part of a thriving community with a love for Pilates.

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