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If you are new to Pilates or a seasoned expert, the Dynamic Pilates TV app and online Pilates subscription is the best place for unique workouts with expert instructors for amazing Pilates videos on demand!

Dynamic Pilates TV was founded by Tiffany Crosswhite Burke and Korin Nolan as a Pilates brand built on empowerment and freedom. We look to give our subscribers control over their own workouts to grow and learn with the best. And because of this, we have quickly built an amazing community of Pilates lovers eager to learn and experience Pilates in new ways!

What Makes DPTV On Demand Pilates Classes Special?

When you sign up with DPTV Pilates, you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of hours of high-quality on-demand Pilates classes for any technique or experience level. DPTV workouts are designed to add some creativity and fluidity to your typical workouts. The unique flows combine elements of contemporary and classic Pilates for a truly amazing fitness class.

We are the experts behind the best Pilates Reformer App and video content from top Pilates instructors. We are dedicated to giving you unique workouts to focus on the type of fitness you are looking for. Our most popular Reformer Pilates App classes include: Athletic, HIIT, and Barre Pilates workouts that engage your muscles and get your blood pumping! Tiffany Crosswhite Burke, Kinzi Hall, Brandon Perry, Kennedy Rogers and many more of our instructors lead you through using the Reformer safely and in exciting new ways.

Is Matwork Pilates more your thing? We have many special series and video collections to cover even more elements of fitness and anatomy. Our most popular unique Matwork techniques are our ‘Strengthen & Sculpt’ and ‘Stretch & Reset’ videos. Brought to you by our range of experts. Our team includes Korin Nolan, Natalie Scrutton, Ben Stott, and Fiona Judd. These fitness instructors from around the world have their own unique spin on Pilates you won’t find anywhere else!

Explore our Professionals’ Expertise and Unique Approach

Is your favorite Pilates expert from social media or in-person studio part of the DPTV family? Find our full instructor list on our instructor profile page for all of our professionals. Each instructor works with a wide range of equipment and varied styles you can discover in our Pilates on-demand classes.

Whether you are looking for a place to experience your first Pilates Reformer class, or want to experience a unique dynamic Matwork flow, DPTV has you covered! Our experts provide you with guidance in Pilates moves lists and class notes alongside the instructional workout videos. Therefore, you don’t get lost, no matter your level of experience. You can use our flows for your own quick Pilates at-home workouts or to teach your own Pilates class as a professional instructor.

Why not sign up today and claim your first 14 days Free Pilates App trial with DPTV?

95% of surveyed members reported high satisfaction with the sign-up process with DPTV. We make it simple to get started with your online Pilates journey in just a few easy steps! So why not give it a try today with our gift of your first 14 days of Free Pilates App access?

The DPTV On-Demand Pilates Subscription

Gain access to our hundreds of On Demand Pilates classes online with a simple sign-up process. All you need to do is submit to create a DPTV account and fill in your payment details or Apple Pay information on our easy-to-use sign-up page.

Your on-demand Pilates class Free Trail of 14 days is a great way to experience and learn more. Discover the Dynamic Approach to Pilates and discover your favorite instructors and techniques. With a variety of New Exclusive content available each week you have so much to explore that can keep your workout fresh and keep up your motivation to exercise!

When you sign up, you can either choose a monthly or annual subscription that you can change and update easily at any time. A monthly subscription for $18.99 a month gives you the flexibility to work within your budget and schedule. However, our annual subscription gives you access to all of our content on demand for a yearly saving of $9.88 with a single payment of £218 for a whole year!

Are you looking to find the perfect present for someone with a love for Pilates? A gift subscription of 1-12 months with DPTV is the gift that keeps on giving. With full access to our whole catalog of on-demand Pilates classes for any level of experience with no extra fees!

Free Pilates App Download on Any Device

The Free Pilates App from DPTV is available on the Android Play Store and IoS App Store. This gives you the freedom to workout in your own way at no extra cost!

You can watch DPTV videos on any compatible device or supported browser. Also, you can use Chromecast, Airplay, or online viewing to watch on your browser or Smart TV. You can bring DPTV classes with you wherever you go with our mobile app or by downloading video content to view offline. With DPTV, you can watch, work out and learn on the go!

Are you looking for more information on how to use our App or any other part of our service? You can visit our FAQ or additionally, get in touch with our customer support team with our online support form.

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