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How to Recover from Creative Burn Out

No matter how creative one is we all experience “Burn out”. I believe it’s all apart of the creative process. Burn out is pretty much inevitable and that’s ok as my best flows come after the creative burn out phase. Flow creations go through 4 phases.

Phase 1- “the spark”. When something you see or feel creates the spark you need to create something new.
Phase 2- “the build out”. When that spark progresses from an idea to actively building and developing a new flow.
Phase 3- “flow peak”. When your new flow is feeling new, fresh and F’’n fabulous.
Phase 4- “ehh”. When your once fabulous flow is feeling worn out and not so fresh.

Now, how do I get back to phase 1?

For starters take a break from that once fabulous flow to help declutter your creative process. It will feel fabulous again in a few weeks. In the mean time watch other people’s movements, from your own clients, other teachers, social media and DPTV. I’m not saying copy everything but maybe you will see one tiny movement that will give you a new perspective. When teaching workshops I often get new ideas from watching other teachers try my workshop flows (BTW, by the time I get to share a flow in a workshop it can feel worn out to me). Seeing my flows on other bodies and seeing their creative additions gives me a whole new view of what else could be done. Just adding a new movement here and there can give the tired flow a “pick me up”. Also, sometimes my client’s simple mistakes may spark a idea. Have you ever had a client turn the wrong direction and you think “wait a minute, that could work”. You never know what will create that “spark” so keep your eyes open and never stop looking? In the mean time tune into and steal our moves.

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