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Is Pilates Effective for Weight Loss?

One of the most popular questions for any exercise routine is whether or not it is effective for weight loss. So where does Pilates fall into that category? Can Pilates help you lose weight?

The simple answer is Pilates is a low-impact exercise that will strengthen and tone your muscles, increase coordination and flexibility, improve posture, and overall help you maintain a healthy weight.

However, it may not be as effective for weight loss as cardio or HIIT simply because you burn fewer calories in Pilates classes. Saying this, you will burn more calories in a dynamic Pilates class and if it’s calorie burning you’re after, then you should definitely check out our HIIT Pilates classes both on the mat and on the reformer! 

Although Pilates has many health benefits, the results are mixed regarding weight loss Pilates. The amount of calories you burn depends on many factors, including your current weight, what type of class you are taking, and the level of the class.

If you want to step up the weight loss, adding a cardio-based exercise, such as walking, swimming, running, or cycling in addition to Pilates, in conjunction with a healthy diet of lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables may yield quicker results. And it’s worth pointing out that in order to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit and although exercise is important, alone it will not achieve weight loss. 

Here at Dynamic Pilates TV, we can fill that gap. If your focus is weight loss, try building some cardio into your exercise routine by taking one of our dynamic reformer classes, jumpboard classes, HIIT and strength both on the reformer or why not try our brand new matwork collection Train Insane with Cass. These styles of classes will get your heart rate up and ultimately burn more calories than your traditional Pilates class

What type of results can Pilates guarantee? Pilates promotes mobility, strength, and balance of all the major muscle groups in the body as well as other benefits listed below: 

  • Increases core strength
  • Improves posture
  • Decreases back pain
  • Injury prevention 
  • Increases energy & decreases stress
  • Improves Body Awareness
  • Improves flexibility, mobility & balance
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Motivates you & improves your mood
  • Enhances performance in sports
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Improves sleep 
  • Encourages play

While practicing Pilates you may notice a change in your shape because you are toning and practicing exercises that emphasize alignment and posture. When you tone and engage these muscles in your core, you will shrink your waist. This can make you appear taller and slimmer and give the appearance of weight loss as you build up these key muscle groups.

Overall, Pilates is key to the mind-body connection, increasing body awareness, motivation, strength, and endurance that supports cardio-based activities for weight loss. So whether you’re adding Pilates into our regular fitness routine or you’re trying out a blended Pilates class, you will benefit from adding Pilates to your exercise routine.

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