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Our Favorite Props for your at Home Workouts!

At DPTV we offer both equipment and non equipment based classes. If you know us, we love a good prop! And at home Pilates workout  are made better with props too!

 So whether it’s just a good mat you are searching for or you’re ready to invest in some fun additional props to add to your workout. We came up with a guide of our instructor favorites and where to purchase them! 


A good mat makes all the difference. Try these Pilates mats that extra-thick to cushion your spine during rolling exercises, offering comfort and safety for your at home workout.

Move Active Mats

Have a reformer and need mat for equipment protection and a little extra grip? We love these Move Active mats for in home and studio use!

Reformer Loops

Looking to change up your loops on your reformer. These loops are durable and the paracord connection is attached easily to both clip and soft-rope attachments. They reduce noise and have both short and long loops to adjust your exercises and improve your workout experience.

Reformer Loop Ball

The ultimate studio prop! Inflate a little for a softer ball or a little more for greater firmness. The firmer ball is great for mobility and using as you would a magic circle. It is the go to prop to add stability and strength challenges to your workout on both the mat and reformer!

Fitness Circle Pro from Merrithew

The Pilates Circle is the most popular and iconic prop. It can be used for a variety of pilates exercises both on the mat and reformer. Love it or hate it you know it’s good for you, and a must have! Not all circles are made equal, we love the durability of the Fitness Circle Pro from Merrithew.

Bosu Ball

The Bosu may not be a traditional piece of Pilates equipment, however we love to incorporate it in our classes. It is great for Improving flexibility, endurance, strength, and ability by adding versatility and challenges to your workouts!

Weight Set

We love weights! Want to step up your mat and reformer workouts. Add some weights! We always recommend a variety of sizes, so you can increase and decrease your load on certain exercises. This Amazon Variety Pack is a great place to start!

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