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Shaping Up for the Holiday Season. Immunity, Exercise & Mindfulness

The holidays are coming! Everywhere you go, stores are decorating and putting out their Christmas retail. Although you are excited about the extra family and friend time, events, shopping, cooking, and eating, it does take a toll on your day-to-day routine. Every year can be a challenge; to keep in shape, boost your immunity, stay true to yourself, and still enjoy all the extras the holiday season offers. We have put together a list to help guide you in the right direction so you can go out, have fun, and enjoy the season. Here are a few tips to avoid the holiday burnout that happens so often. 


Make a Daily List! 


It can be hard to sort out your holiday schedule and everything you need to accomplish. Grab yourself a fun holiday diary or journal and start making lists. To get you in the holiday spirit, try this planner from Etsy. You can record purchase ideas, to-do lists, and have your schedule in one place, and it has a fun holiday design. Make your list in order of priorities each day. Do not forget that love for Pilates! Place that on your schedule as an appointment. Only commit to what you know you can. Overcommitment and overscheduling can make this time of year more of a burden than enjoyment. When it comes to gifting, talk about it amongst your family and friends. Set a budget and stick to that budget. It will make the post-holiday credit card bill much more bearable. 


Try to keep up a sleep routine. 


Late nights can often be the norm once the holiday parties and office happy hours kick into gear. Lack of sleep can wear you down and make you feel groggy during the day. After a while, you may have sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation affects your concentration, energy, and your mood. Be consistent with your bedtimes and wake-up times as much as you can. Make sure your bedroom is dark, relaxing, and at a comfortable temperature. Take a break from electronic devices before bed, and avoid late large meals, caffeine, or alcohol; a challenging feat with late-night parties. However, if you consciously put down that last cocktail and make yourself a cup of chamomile tea before bed, your body will thank you for it. Also, you can swap out the alcoholic drinks for these festive mocktails and still fit in with the crowd. You will feel much more energized at the Sunday Pilates class after a Saturday night out on the town.  


Create time in your day to recharge 


 You will inevitably have some late nights, a lack of sleep, and more social events than usual on your calendar. So take time for yourself during the day to recharge. Recharging could be as simple as waking up and having a quiet cup of tea without distractions, journaling, or a leisurely walk. Make an effort to be outdoors in nature if you can; a nice walk in the forest, a beach, or even a park is always a great way to relax and recharge if you are a bit stir-crazy. Try an app like All Trails and discover a new favorite trail. Just remember to dress appropriately and hydrate! 


Start the day with a quiet practice or stretch. 


Get your body moving at the beginning of your day. Start with a quiet routine to stretch and wake up your body; perfect timing to incorporate Dynamic Pilates TV’s Stretch and Restoration Series into your mornings. Wake up with dynamic stretching and movement to energize your day.


Enjoy the season with crafting, baking, and decorating. 


Do you love to craft and bake but never have the time? Schedule some time to enjoy it, either by yourself, with family, or make a small friend gathering around it. There are plenty of recipes for healthy holiday favorites modified for all dietary needs. 


Try and stick to healthy meals for all your regular meals. 


Holiday food and baked goods are everywhere. During this time, you can often find yourself constantly eating or overeating. It is so easy to overindulge. Slow down, appreciate and enjoy the food you are eating. There is no rush. Stop eating when you feel full (not stuffed), and eat when you feel hungry, not because food is available. Make eating your focus during meals, and reduce distractions like phones or tv. Eat immunity-boosting foods, and stick to a healthy routine at home. Try these immunity-boosting breakfast recipes to start your day and these immunity-boosting drink recipes to replenish and boost your immunity. You can also read our post on  Food and mood: can we improve our mental health through good nutrition? For tips on improving our mental and physical well being through good nutrition. 


Keep your exercise routine scheduled. 


Don’t give up on that exercise routine you work so hard to keep. When you attend a regular Pilates or fitness class: it establishes a routine, energizes you, and keeps you looking good in that holiday dress. It can be easy to lose motivation during the holidays. You can also read our post Losing motivation to workout? For more tips! No time? No problem! We have built these pilates classes around all that shopping, decorating, and preparation you do. With Dynamic Pilates TV, you can get fit for the holiday season and still have time to dazzle guests at holiday parties. This series is fun, festive, and full of holiday spirit. Check out Razzle Dazzle Series on-demand now!


Enjoy the festivities 

Remember to have fun and let loose a little bit. Enjoy local festivities like craft bizarre, tree lighting, or holiday brunch. Don’t forget to relax and if everything doesn’t go to plan, it is ok. Put down your phone, enjoy the holiday sights and smells of the season, and the company you keep.

Have a happy and healthy holiday from all of us here at Dynamic Pilates TV!

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