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Silver Linings From COVID19 & Temporarily Close My Pilates Studio

I know we are all more then ready to get back to life as we once knew it. COVID’s restrictions have hit us all pretty hard. Many of us suffered financially and or emotionally. As a business owner I not only worried for myself and my family but also for the teachers in my studio. We were all in the same boat. The unknown had to be the scariest part of COVID. How long would we be closed and what would the world look like when we re opened.

I was one of the lucky ones, as my studio was only shut down for 45 days. Those first few days were filled with fear and anxiety until I came to the realization COVID was beyond my control. I could either spend my lock down looking for fear or perhaps find a few silver linings.

I used the mandated down time as a opportunity to reset or reboot my business and teachings in a few ways. I sorted through many of my old class content and found new life in many forgotten flows. Took the opportunity to take zoom classes from teachers all over the world and began teaching zoom classes myself connecting me with teachers from all over the world. Zoom was definitely my one of the brightest silver linings for me. Not only did it provide income to help pay the bills (COVID did not lock down my financial responsibilities) but more importantly it connected me with teachers like myself going through the same issues. I loved our chats before and after class. Connecting with people who were in the same boat and facing the same fears and unknown as me really helped me through. Those little chats that grew into friendships made such a difference for me.

The second biggest silver lining was cleaning out my studio! Before COVID I typically had the studio deep cleaned 1 time per month along with light weekly cleanings. My studio was clean, always dusted and nice looking. However 2 weeks before we were set to reopen I did a massive deep clean. We scrubbed the floors, walls and every hard surface with Clorox. I reorganized every last nook and cranny until the entire studio looked absolutely perfect. Spring cleaning never felt so good and helped me feel as if we would re open and we would be fine. I went about my reopening as if I was opening the studio for the first time. I wanted my clients to feel the enthusiasm and see the studio as refreshed and CLEAN. Since reopening we are maintaining the higher standard of cleaning. I feel like there is definitely a new standard in what a clean studio should be. It’s important your clients feel safe and you are doing everything you can to so. There is a new normal and those who adjust and accept it will go about reopening much easier.

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