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The Best Clothing For Pilates To Get You Excited To Workout

We Explore The Best Clothing For Pilates

Tired of wearing old sweatpants to get your flow on and need some motivation? It’s time to upgrade your go-to-gear. We speak with owners of Dynamic Pilates TV, Korin and Tiffany for their top picks on what to wear – on and off the reformer. Between them, Korin and Tiffany have tried and tested hundreds of active clothing brands. By fluctuating through products, they have learnt what is right for their body shape and what feels comfortable for them.

If you’re in need for some motivation, Tiffany says “I have started doing 10 minutes of cardio every morning, no matter what my day looks like. It’s really helped with my energy levels in the day. Ten minutes of jogging outdoors or on the treadmill loosens and warms up my body. I’m a strong believer of doing cardio everyday. I don’t advise starting your fitness regime on June 1st – building stamina and energy now is important, building your fitness in winter or early spring is more realistic. That is why I’ve started now.”


When it comes to finding the right pair, there are several things to consider. They need to be high waisted enough not to ride down when you sit or bend; have a four-way stretch to allow for a full range of movement so that the material doesn’t go see-through when you squat. Quality and fit can vary widely between brands.

Korin looks for something that is made from a compressive material as she finds these much more flattering, providing a seamless look. Full length is preferred, a cuff right down to the ankle, to elongate the legs. “I tend to steer away from patterns as they are not too flattering on me, I prefer darker, block colours usually”, adds Korin.

Top tip: For all pilates leggings, be sure to follow the washing instructions, which are generally a cool, delicate wash and laying flat to dry. They’re not as hardy as running tights and this will help them keep their shape for longer.

Sport Top

If you prefer a dynamic session, you’ll want a top with good ventilation. And depending on how rigorous your practice is, you might also want to look for tops with sweat-wicking properties.

Korin and Tiffany prefer crop tops and sports bras that provide good coverage for working out. A shorter cropped top is also preferred as they are less restrictive.

Whether you’re up for a stylish splurge or down to score a deal, the best Pilates brands are right this way:

  1. Michiny

The high-end brand you’ve been searching for, providing high-quality, luxurious gear. With Michiny you really get what you pay for, infact Korin still uses their activewear that she purchased when the DPTV website launched two years ago.

  1. Beyond Yoga

This is Tiffany’s favorite brand, super comfortable, their buttery soft athleisure that your body will love – empowering you to feel good in your own skin. Made in California designed with the highest quality fabrics and materials.

  1. Cleo Harper

Hands down the prettiest Australian activewear brand, providing quality gear at a reasonable price. Korin says: “They have a number of styles that suit me, flattering high waisted leggings at a long length, that aren’t too compressing”

  1. Athleta

This brand has fantastic brand values, Athleta are actively pushing fantastic initiatives that empower women. It is our favorite go-to brand with a good price point.

  1. Beach Riot

Bright fun designs that will get you ready and excited for sunnier days ahead!

  1. Rhaika London

A british super fun, sexy brand that ship worldwide. They provide something a little different if you want to revamp your activewear wardrobe.

  1. Topissima

Sustainable brand, Topissima makes clothing from recycled fabrics, which is a bonus as we love their gear. We’re big fans of their unique leotards also known as catsuits – they’re super flattering. Use discount code: KORIN15 for 15% off.

Korin is 5’10 and wears a size medium.

  1. Pilates Honey

We love this pilates brand and their kick ass empowering statements. We also love that a portion of sales go towards saving the honey bees!

  1. Heroine Sport

By far the sexiest brand right now, a great way to get you feeling great.

  1. The Sports Edit

“This is a great go-to website for people in the UK – as it hosts all the top quality brands: Alo yoga, Girlfriend Collective, Lilybod. And you don’t need to pay the expensive shipping cost!” Says Korin.

  1. Pilateskatt

A fun brand that allows you to create personalised hoodies and sweatshirts, adding your own logo or quote.

  1. Move active

Move Active is the go-to brand for Korin’s pilates socks, she recommends the toe socks for a good grip on the reformer, to avoid sliding off!

Use discount code KORIN15 for 15% off.

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