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Dynamic Pilates TV – Summer Shape Up Series

Whist not really wanting to jump on the bandwagon of all things ‘bikini body’ we kinda can’t help but feel like we want to mark this time of year, but make our Summer Shape Up Series more about feeling the best you can feel rather than dieting to get skinny or punishing ourselves with grueling workouts we hate!

We’ve all had a crappy year and now (hopefully) it’s time to put that behind us and enjoy the summer months! But let’s be honest, the way we look has a big impact on how we feel. And after months of being stuck in doors, relying a little too much on comfort foods to get us through perhaps, you’d be forgiven if you’r not brimming with confidence about your body right now.

Our Summer Shape up series is designed to get us all feeling fitter, stronger and more confident in our own skin (bikini or full floaty summer dress – you decide!)

Each Monday we will be releasing a whole bunch of short classes from HIIT to Sculpt and from Barre to Pilates. So there’s plenty of variety and more importantly plenty of options class length, so that there’s always time to squeeze in a workout, even on those days when you’re short on time. We want you to just MOVE with us every day in the month of May! Are you up for the challenge?

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