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What Is Dynamic Pilates TV & How You Can Benefit From Joining?

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Like everything, Pilates has been ever evolving since it began wayyyy back with Mr Pilates himself. And today we have so many interpretations of the Pilates technique, some closer to its original form than others. Dynamic Pilates (whether on the reformer or the mat) is a fusion of classical Plates exercises and more athletic style exercises such as lunges, push ups and squats, all performed with the fundamental Pilates Principals in mind, such as breathing, posture, core connection and alignment.

Let’s Explore What Dynamic Pilates Is…

As well as the variation in exercises, the PACE of a Dynamic class is generally a lot quicker. This doesn’t mean that technique is compromised. The exercises themselves are still mainly slow and controlled. However, the transition from one exercise to the next is quick, meaning less rest periods and more of a challenge!

But even the name ‘Dynamic Pilates’ can have so many various interpretations, and here on DPTV we aim to show you as much diversity and styles as possible. We are excited to introduce to you our guest trainers who will all demonstrate their own unique styles.

Personally, we like to create FLOWS which is a series of movements, with minimal spring changes, so that you can literally flow from one move straight into the next…ouch! Don’t underestimate the power of the MUSIC!

Now, on our channel you might not find any music for filming reasons, but in our studios, we love to crank up the music with a playlist that inspires us to move and push that bit harder! It’s surprising how much your clients will work when they are inspired by their favourite tunes!

So, what are the benefits of a Dynamic Pilates TV Free Trial?

Fitter, Stronger Leaner. The proof is in the pudding as we say in the UK…or should we say CORE OF STEEL? So what are you waiting for!

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