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Your Home Workout Equipment Guide

It’s a funny old world we are living in at the moment, and without wanting to delve into our global pandemic on this platform (let’s face it we hear enough about it on a daily basis as it is!). Let’s try and focus on the positives and our physical and mental wellbeing. With the best home workout equipment, you can expand your Pilates in new, exciting ways.

Even more so than the physical effect of being cooped up all day, is how this is all effecting our mental health. Ironically, mental health has never been such a widely discussed topic and here we are today, putting each and every one of ours to the most extreme test it has probably ever faced. Now is the time more than ever we need a physical output, in order to keep ourselves marginally sane through all of this. The top and bottom of it is, we need exercise NOW more than ever before.

So, we realise that not everyone has fancy Pilates equipment in their own homes (we certainly don’t) so, with this in mind we are now releasing Dynamic Mat/floor work content and encouraging you all to move with us daily!

For many of our matwork classes you won’t need any props. However, props do make things more fun plus they can help challenge your abilities further. They make a great addition to your workout room so you can explore a wider range of DPTV on demand videos.

So, what props do you need?

If I had to pick the basics that will see you through this spell, without having to invest too much or take up too much space in your home, I would say first of all a Mat, a Soft Pilates Ball, some Dumbells and some Loop Resistance bands.

Here’s my pick of the best:


If you don’t already have a mat, then go pretty! My Sugar Mat has the most gorgeous designs, they are super soft, plus they do these cute and convenient travel mats that fold up into a compact square.

Soft Pilates Ball

These are so versatile and we use them a lot on the reformer as well as on the mat. They can really help assist and at variation to so many exercises, especially core work. You will need a 26cm ball (you could go slightly bigger).


Most people already have a pair of dumbells hanging around the house. Iif you don’t then yes, you could use tins of beans etc, but in all honesty, they aren’t really heavy enough. I would go for a pair between 2- 5kg/5-11lbs for our workouts.

Loop Resistance Bands/Booty Bands

These little bad boys are soooo good! They usually come in a pack with 5 different strengths and can be used for lower and upper body moves. And can also add that all essential burn factor! Plus, they are perfect for taking away on holidays for when all this is over!

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