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3 Simple Steps to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Today’s world seems to be in a continual state of flux, but some things stay the same. One frustrating example is the making, and subsequent breaking, of New Year’s resolutions!

“Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.” That’s around 75% of people who fail each year, unable to keep their resolutions for longer than a few months. As human beings, we are notoriously bad at resisting temptation, especially (as research confirms) if we’re busy, tired or stressed.

At Dynamic Pilates TV (DPTV) we think it’s important to set good habits opposed to making unrealistic resolutions that only last a month or two. We want to set goals that we can achieve and that will last and see us fitter stronger and healthier in 2021.

Step 1 – Set Achievable Goals

Focus on a small, daily effort: One of the problems we create for ourselves in trying to change the way we behave is that we often don’t give ourselves good guidance.

We can be vague and too general: “I’m going to get into shape” or “I’m going to eat healthier.” Instead, be specific with what you want to achieve: “I’m going to eat three portions of greens per day” or “I’m going to workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.” Write it down and add reminders around the house if you need to – surround yourself with motivation!

A simple way to do this is to label sticky notes with daily reminders, positive messages and your goal. Plaster them on your alarm clock, bathroom mirror, or laptop. They’ll serve as a constant reminder that you’ve got this!

And don’t forget to celebrate your achievements. Even if your goal is to complete three Intermediate/Advanced DPTV classes, make sure to celebrate your first class, second, and third! You’ve improved, and you should be proud of yourself.

Step 2 – Keep Calm, Choose One Goal and Carry on Being Positive!

We know too well that it can become overwhelming taking on too much all at once. It can be particularly difficult because establishing new behavioral patterns takes time and effort. Focus yourself on achieving one specific goal makes keeping a resolution much more achievable.

“The way we talk to ourselves is also important. Stating positive affirmations such as ‘I can eat a huge array of healthy foods that will nourish my body’ as opposed to ‘I must not eat any crap!’ will be much more effective.” Korin says.

If you’re struggling to pick one specific goal, DPTV has a ‘Weekly Line Up’ which Korin and Tiffany set each Sunday for the week ahead. It’s a selection of 5 hand-picked classes for members to complete as a weekly challenge.

When we are on our own journey we sometimes can lose track, so having something as a guideline to help us keep on track is good motivation.

Step 3 – Plan And Choose Your Goal Well In Advance

Picking your resolution wisely and putting in extensive planning are essential parts of achieving any goal. We suggest that you write down:

  • Ideas on how you will tackle a major behavior change
  • Include the steps you will take
  • The reason you want to achieve your goal
  • Ways you can keep yourself on track
  • Note any obstacles that might stand in your way and how you will overcome them

Korin and Tiffany recommend checking in daily and weekly on your progress. Plan time each week to review your progress. This can be an in depth review or a quick check in, even five minutes can be sufficient for staying on track! Schedule in some ‘you time’ within your calendar, so that you’re reminded to do it.

If you start working toward a goal without any type of plan in place, you may quickly find yourself giving up when faced with any sort of obstacle. For example, if your goal is to complete a class three times per week, what will you do if you’ve missed four days in a row, and how will you proceed if you need to take time off for an illness or injury?

By knowing exactly what you want to accomplish and the difficulties you might face, you’ll be better prepared to stick to your resolution and overcome anything that might sidetrack you.

And remember to be gentle on yourself, try to subscribe to the motto, “progress, not perfection” this year. At DPTV we don’t believe in strict deprivation diets and anything that is too regimented, as it tends to eventually have the reverse effect. That’s why we prefer to set goals that are achievable and realistic. Making small changes gradually over time. Not to compare yourself with others, as we all differ and this is about making an improvement on our lives and our wellbeing to make us feel happier and healthier. At no point should your goal setting feel like a punishment, the end result should be a happier you.

Good luck with your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions! We would love to hear about your goal, please tag us in your progress.

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