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What Can You Get with the DPTV Pilates App?

DPTV App on mobile device held in a hand

What Can You Get with the DPTV Pilates App? The Dynamic Pilates TV App and website provide you with a huge collection of digital Pilates videos on-demand. Whether you are new to Pilates or just looking for a new Pilates challenge, you’ll find many things to love with our Pilates App. The Best Pilates App […]

Is a Pilates Reformer Worth It?

Korin & Tiffany on reformers in the DPTV studio

In Short… Yes! Pilates reformers could be what takes your Pilates workouts to a whole new level! The versatile and innovative Pilates machine can add a whole new dimension of fitness to your Pilates practice. Dynamic Pilates is all about variety and creativity in your workouts, embracing different types of fitness, targeting different muscle groups, […]

How to Choose the Best Pilates Workouts for You

Tiffany Burke and Korin Nolan in the Dynamic Pilates TV studio on wooden reformers with Dumbbell weights

Pilates is a versatile exercise that benefits multiple areas of the body as well as the mind. When starting on your Pilates Journey it can be a challenge to know where to start! What exercises best suit your fitness goals and ability level? The Dynamic Pilates TV App offers you a full range of workouts […]

Embrace your Summer Shape with DPTV’s Holistic Health Tips

Pilates Blog Thumbnail: Embrace your Summer Shape with DPTV's Holistic Health Tips

Summer is the time of year when many of us strive to look and feel our best! Finding your summer shape has never been easier with our top tips for embracing healthy lifestyle habits. Balanced diets and hydration alongside Pilates, benefit your holistic health and help you feel great. Healthy Diets There is no one […]

The PBB Collection: A Holistic Fitness Experience

PBB Paola's BodyBarre graphic, women in the Pilates studio stretching on the wooden bar

In the world of fitness, finding a workout routine that seamlessly blends various disciplines can be a game-changer. Enter the PBB Collection, a series of 11 Paola’s BodyBarre classes designed to transform your mind and body. With a unique fusion of barre, dynamic Pilates, yoga and high and low impact cardio, this innovative workout method […]

Glucose Hacks to lower blood sugar levels

What are Blood Sugar Level Spikes and how do they affect us? Blood sugar spikes, also known as hyperglycemia, occur when there is a rapid and significant increase in blood glucose levels. This typically happens after consuming foods or drinks that are high in carbohydrates or sugar. When we consume carbohydrates, our bodies break them […]

Get Started with DPTV, the Best Pilates App!

Sign up for your Online Pilates Class Free Trial Today! If you are new to Pilates or a seasoned expert, the Dynamic Pilates TV app and online Pilates subscription is the best place for unique workouts with expert instructors for amazing Pilates videos on demand! Dynamic Pilates TV was founded by Tiffany Crosswhite Burke and […]

How Pilates On Demand Helps you Perfect your Workout!

In recent years, more and more people are realising how Pilates on demand workout videos can enhance your exercise routine in many ways. Our expert Pilates at home video catalogue is incredibly popular with Pilates enthusiasts, and notably Pilates Professionals, who can benefit from the on demand Pilates workouts as a convenient and flexible method […]

How you can Maximize Your Home Pilates Practice

Losing gym motivation but still wanting to stay fit and fabulous? On-Demand Pilates Videos to do at home can provide you with a wide range of dynamic, sculpting, and meditative exercises and fitness activities to fit your space and schedule! Before you dive into practice with your Free Pilates App Trial, it’s important to create […]

Cheers to Summer!

As we enter our 40s, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly important. While enjoying social gatherings and the company of friends is essential, the effects of alcohol on hormones and weight control should not be overlooked. So if you wanna continue to be social while making mindful choices at the bar, then read on! 1. […]