5 Tips to Get Through That Post-Holiday Letdown

The holiday season is busy and can be a very emotional time of year. With all the preparations, celebrations, and get-togethers, the extra social element can heighten all emotions. Emotions are difficult to regulate, and there can be prolonged periods of highs throughout the excitement of the holiday and a low period after the festivities […]

Top 8 Immunity Tips to Keep You Healthy This Winter Season

Here we are at that time of year, full of holiday festivities, family fun, school holidays, and those unwanted guests, cold and flu viruses. Need tips to try and stay healthy? Here are our Top 8 Tips to Keep You Healthy this Winter Season.  Make Sleep a Priority  Sleep is essential! It influences our mental […]

5 Tips to Practice Mindfulness This Holiday Season

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware of our speech and actions, listen without judgment, and be present in the moment. Also, realizing when you are being reactive and are overwhelmed in stressful situations. Practicing mindfulness can be difficult, especially with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The concept may seem […]

10 Strategies: How To Debloat During the Holiday Season

That dreaded holiday bloat can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and frustrating when trying to look your best! Although it is common to experience bloating, preventable measures can be taken for factors including food intolerances, change of eating and sleeping habits, or when we are more stressed. Here are 10 easy ways to keep bloating minimal during […]

Sleep: eat your way to a good night’s sleep

What is the answer to a perfect night’s sleep? This is a question that health professionals have been trying to answer for centuries, but sadly there is no magic fix. The quality and quantity (equally important!) of our sleep are affected by many different factors, including environment, emotions, stress and anxiety, age, certain medications, and […]

A Holiday Cocktail and Mocktail to get you in the Party Spirit

Turmeric Whiskey Sour 3/4 cup whiskey of your choice1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 3 lemons)1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (about 4 limes) 1/2 cup turmeric simple syrup (see below)Garnish Maraschino cherriesGarnish fresh rosemary TURMERIC SYRUP INGREDIENTS1 tablespoon ground turmeric1 cup coconut sugar1 cup water Full Instructions! Fizzy Rosemary Cider Mocktail Sugar-Free Rosemary […]

7 Ways to Kick that Holiday Hangover

The holidays are all about socializing with colleagues, friends, and family. Despite our best intentions, sometimes it can be a constant hangover. With the festivities, it can be easy to over-indulge in our favorite alcoholic beverages, which leaves you with that dreaded hangover feeling the next day. There is one way to hangover-proof your holidays, […]